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The holidays are fast approaching and so are the bills associated with them.  Donohoo Accounting has a few tips for budgeting for the holidays.  We are going to start by making a list and then checking it twice, review your receipts from last year to judge spending habits, and shop for.

Black Friday is fast approaching, and this means huge sales at retailers everywhere.  Black Friday has been hyped as one of the best times of the year for buying anything from travel to electronics.  Don’t be surprised if not everything is a great deal, so we have prepared a what to.

The IRS defines a charitable contribution as “a donation or gift to, or for the use of, a qualified organization.” You must abide by certain rules to claim charitable donations on your taxes legitimately. Do you know the tips for handling donations on your taxes?     Charitable Contributions what Are.

What are accounting methods? Accounting methods help businesses keep their cash records and assist in preparing money reports by utilizing two fundamental methods of record-keeping for cash.  These two methods are cash-basis and accrual basis accounting.  These methods both have their own distinctive advantages of keeping corporate record keeping which help keep track of money coming.


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