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What are accounting methods? Accounting methods help businesses keep their cash records and assist in preparing money reports by utilizing two fundamental methods of record-keeping for cash.  These two methods are cash-basis and accrual basis accounting.  These methods both have their own distinctive advantages of keeping corporate record keeping which help keep track of money coming.

Do you often ignore or say too quickly “No” when asked whether you want a receipt?  Not small-business owners. Knowledgeable business owners just know how to keep receipts. If they don’t, their tax return could be at risk. The question is: Are your business receipts audit ready? TAKE NOTICE The first mindset to.

Follow These Five Accounting Tips That Could Save Your Business Time, Money, and Aggravation Financial advice persists everywhere we turn: On the Internet, the radio, TV, and in your email and snail mail boxes. But what is often overlooked is some basic accounting advice that not only could save you or your.

It’s said that no one likes making a budget, they only like having a budget. If that’s true, then there are at least 10 apps to help make it much easier for you to not only have a budget but also to follow it. Although each of these 10 budgeting apps.


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